Online multidisciplinary journal

1 January 2007


Discurso & Sociedad's main objective is to publish high-quality articles on the connections between discourse and society.  

 Discurso & Sociedad intends to publish and stimulate debates on the position of (the study of) discourse in society.  

This journal aims to encourage overall studies in discourse with a particular social and critical perspective in Spain and Latin America. Discurso & Sociedad hopes to improve the network and collaboration between students and professors of critical discourse analysis in Spain, Latin America and other countries.

Discurso & Sociedad’s final objective is to be able to contribute to the solution of serious social problems in the world through the publication of articles and other academic activities.

    Furthermore, Discurso & Sociedad publishes book reviews in the field of Critical Discourse Analysis and related subjects. It also recommends the best books to use in academic education. Additionally, it offers resources for the study of discourse: Links, bibliography, articles, thesis, translations, etc.