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1 January 2007

Accessibility and Graphic Style

The webpage of Discurso & Sociedad has been designed in XHTML 1.0 according to the official specifications of W3C. This has been made with the objective of being rigorously compatible with the pertinent standards. In accordance with W3C’s recommendations, the semantic content and the format are strictly separated to allow its lecture without caring about the used program.

If the reader finds any mistake in the program or any difficulty surfing this page, or wishes to do any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

An alternative style for users with any visual deficiency 

If the color of the graphic and the size of the text make the reading difficult, we have an alternative style in high contrast to offer you a more comfortable experience. If you select it, it will be automatically displayed on every page of this site. You can come back to the predetermined style at any moment.

The use of the style selector requires you to habilitate the use of JavaScript and cookies for this site.