Online multidisciplinary journal

1 January 2007

Submission Guidelines

Discurso & Sociedad publishes original articles and reviews. Authors interested in our journal should send their manuscripts by email according to the guidelines detailed below.

Theme and Extension

Manuscripts must deal with specific themes stated in the Selection criteria and scope of the journal section. Manuscripts written in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Galician and of no more than 7.000 words excluding bibliographical references and transcriptions will be accepted.

Articles Format

Articles must be sent in Microsoft Word format (DOC, RTF or DOCX).

Articles must include the title in their original language and a translated English title. The abstract must also be in their original language and in English. The author(s)’s full name and the university’s affiliation must be included. In addition to this, a biographical note on the author of no more than 100 words, stating their affiliation, subject, specialization and some of the key publications and a high-resolution picture must be included. 

Notes must be placed at the end of the article, before the bibliography. For the bibliography, the American Psychological Association (APA) format must be used.

Download this document with all the detailed guidelines to accomplish the format of the articles.

Download this template to facilitate your work with the format of the articles.


      Reviews have a particular format with special guidelines.   


Manuscripts must be attached in a personal message with the author’s full name and postal address. The subject must be: Artículo Discurso & Sociedad. Two copies of the article must be sent (a complete one and another with no identity – that is with no name, no affiliation, and no references to personal works). 

- For articles and queries in Latin America and North America: Teresa Oteiza
- For articles and queries in Brazil and Portugal: Viviane Resende
- For articles and queries in Spain and Europe: María del Carmen Marimón Llorca